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Remembering Lise Meitner

The tiny woman who succeeded to escape from the Nazis. The physicist who understood the mysteries related to the nuclear fission. Misleadingly named as “the Jewish mother of the atomic bomb”, she was the only scientist who refused to collaborate in the Manhattan Project. Lise Meitner was a true celebrity after the Second World War, a heroine at the level of Eleanor Roosevelt. Nevertheless, nowadays she is hardly known.

Our project

“Project Meitner. Remembering Lise Meitner” is a project promoted by the Instituto de Física Corpuscular (IFIC), CSIC – University of Valencia. Thanks to this project, the IFIC will retrieve and reassess the contribution of great women, pioneers of Nuclear and Particle Physics, through the character of Lise Meitner. The story of her great discovery, the nuclear fission, will be brought to the Spanish theatres by the theatre company CRIT.

The play, written by the Professor in History of Science and playwright Robert Marc Friedman, recovers Meitner’s legacy through the complex plot that she starred in together with her great friend Otto Hahn and her colleague Manne Siegbahn.

Our goals

A stage play, a workshop on science and gender, a science and arts contest, videos on social networks and a great deal of didactic material to emphasize the role of women in science, bringing past and present female scientists in Nuclear and Particle Physics close to the general public. The aim is promoting social equality and scientific culture, fostering scientific vocations and highlighting the legal, cultural, historical and social barriers that women scientists have faced throughout history. We hope that you fall in love with this project as much as we do.




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