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Victoria Salvador, Best Actress in the Valencian Arts Awards 2021

Teatre Principal de Valencia celebrated last night the fourth edition of the Valencian Arts Awards, which honored the actress Victoria Salvador for her role in Project Meitner.

It has been almost two years since Project Meitner started. This proyect was promoted by the Institute of Corpuscular Physics to recover one of the great forgotten names in the History of Science due to her status as a woman, Jewish, and her living circumstances. She is Lise Meitner, and yes, still today a large part of the society ignores her crucial role in one of the most important discoveries of the 20th century: nuclear fission.

In Project Meitner, written by the professor of History of Science and playwright Robert Marc Friedman, Victoria Salvador not only immerses the public with great professionalism in the history of this giant of Science; more importantly, she provides the opportunity to know the person beyond the character through her emotions, her values and her experiences.

After a close collaboration with CRIT Companyia de Teatre, and thanks to their talent and professionalism, today we can celebrate this well-deserved recognition to Victoria Salvador. Her award, in the end, is a recognition to all the people involved in Project Meitner. In the end, their enthusiasm and effort have contributed to recover the legitimate legacy of Lise Meitner in the History of Science.

Project Meitner (Remembering Lise Meitner) has had the collaboration of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) – Ministry of Science and Innovation, the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), the University of Valencia and its Unitat d’Igualtat, the Institut Valencià de Cultura (IVC) and the Fundación General CSIC.


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